About Us

Pitmaster and Smoker Builder – Ronnie Oswald

I was born and raised right here in the Kansas City metro area and earned my degree from UMKC back in 2004. I am a father to two beautiful little girls and the husband to a beautiful Yin to my Yang. I have been a gym owner and in the fitness industry for the last 17 years and through hosting parties and community get togethers really found my passion for BBQ. I feel that it allows me to have a release for my creative side that just happens to pair well with my passion for building the most unique custom offset smokers to come out of Kansas City

Perfecting Craft BBQ

To me creating BBQ in a manner that allows you to call it “craft” is a lot different than your average Kansas City BBQ joint. Everything is cooked on custom offset smokers built by me. This means I have to mind the fire, control the air and pick the perfect log to keep up this dance all day maintaining fire temperatures. There’s no “set it and forget it” aspect to this. Is it the easiest way to do it? Absolutely not. Is it the best way to cook BBQ? Absolutely yes.

Building Custom Smokers

custom offset propane tank smoker

During the pandemic I couldn’t go to work for 4 weeks. Over that time I built a custom camper and it required welding. With the help of a couple of good friends I was given the initial direction to learn the skills on the basics of welding. Ever since then I have been working and perfecting the finer points and techniques of this art. I have been putting that skill and energy into custom offset smokers ever since. I feel like I level up after each smoker I build and get closer to master craftsman status.