BBQ Menu and Catering

No event too small! We can fulfill orders from 10-200. Buffet style BBQ catering in Kansas City (and KC metro area) with delivery and setup included. Contact us to discuss your catering needs!

Smoked Meat

Texas Style Brisket

Texas Style Brisket

Brisket is slow smoked over pecan and oak with my very own rub between 10-12 hours, then gets wrapped up and finished slow to perfection.

Burnt Ends

Brisket Burnt Ends

I call this the “Original Meat Candy”. This is the most delectable bite in all of BBQ. Tender and juicy melt in your mouth goodness.

Beef Dino Ribs

Beef Dino Ribs

This is the richest bite in all of BBQ. As beefy and tender as brisket, just a little more rich. These are specialty items that are usually done by request or just on special. I was once told by a friend this was the best bite of BBQ he’s ever had

Smoked Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork is slow smoked over pecan and hickory, rubbed down with a blend of my very own rub stacked with a secret ingredient that really sets it apart from the rest!

pork belly burnt ends

Pork Belly Burnt Ends

aka “Meat Candy”

These delectable bites are a rich flavor explosion of tender juicy pork with hints of sweet and spicy on the front and back ends. Pork belly burnt ends with some jalapeno bacon cheesy grits are one of the best bites in all of BBQ.

BBQ Ribs

St. Louis Style or Babyback Ribs

Ribs are my second favorite bite in BBQ right behind Brisket. Not quite fall off the bone – smoked to perfection and finished to create the perfect texture and bite that will leave you wanting at least 3!

Smoked birria

Smoked Birria

I saw how popular Birria, (pronounced “bee-ree-ah”) was getting in Texas and Cali so I decided we needed a smoked Kansas City version. Creating a fusion between my two favorite foods, BBQ and Mexican, was a no brainer. Chunked up, rubbed down with my own spice blend and smoked gives this it unique flavor. After a 3-hour smoke it gets braised down in a special sauce to really give it the pop of flavor. Great on tortillas with pickled onions or over a bed of rice.

birria ramen

Birria Ramen

Last fall and winter this was the most popular dish going out the door! Ramen noodles served with a healthy portion of Birria and homemade broth.

Pork Chili Verde

Smoked Pork Chili Verde

A special blend of tomatillos, jalapenos, poblanos and quite a few other ingredients gives this the perfect balance; set off by the tender chunks of smoked pork shoulder.

Smoked Burgers

Smoked Burgers

These burgers are brisket trimmings and ground chuck from Fareway Market. Slow smoked and finished on the griddle.




Mexican Street Corn! Roasted corn blended with jalapeno, red onion, sour cream and some other goodies. This is the perfect side dish to pair with brisket and/or ribs.

Jalapeno Bacon Cheesy Grits

If you’re in the mood for something thick and rich with a little cheese and spice, these grits are perfect for piling burnt ends or pork belly burnt ends right on top. My personal favorite!

Smoked Pit Beans

8-Hour Smoked Pit Beans

Nothing pairs better with BBQ than beans that have been on the smoker for the last 8 hours. A special blend of sauce, seasonings and hickory bacon is what sets these apart.

Potato Salad

Potato Salad

A cold bite to go along with the richness of BBQ is 100% necessary! That’s why we added this potato salad to the menu; it’s a perfect blend of vinegar and creaminess.