Custom Offset Smokers

Offset Smoker Size Options made to order:

90 Gallon Reverse Flow on Casters

120 Gallon Offset Smoker On Casters

150 Gallon Smoker on casters or trailer

250 Gallon Offset Smoker on casters or trailer

288 Gallon Smoker on casters or trailer

330 Gallon Smoker on casters or trailer

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150 gallon propane tank smoker

150 Gallon Offset Smoker

These are salvaged propane tanks that make for the perfect smoker. This is the perfect size for someone who just wants to impress the neighbors or has aspirations of selling their food to the masses.

80 gallon propane tank smoker

80 Gallon Reverse Flow Smoker

This smoker is for someone who loves cooking big meals for the family. Reverse flow allows you to use all of your cooking space on two cooking racks.

330 gallon propane tank smoker

330 Gallon Offset Smoker

This is the maximum size smoker I can make in my current shop. This size will allow you to cook, cater and do huge popups or even run a small restaurant. These can be on a trailer or on casters.